The Pub

The pub dates from the mid 19th Century and was originally called the The Garrick as it was attached to the first Garrick Theatre, which was situated behind the pub. Benjamin Oliver Conquest was the theatre manager there in the early part of the 19th Century.

The Gin

We love GIN! with a current range of over 120 different bottles currently stocked we are adding new varieties daily so look out for your new favourite!

Japanese Gin

A marvellous gin here all the way from Japan, released as part of the Aiki range. this expression boasts a selection of botanicals including the likes of yuzu, orange, lemon, angelica, Japanese pepper, black pepper, coriander seed, and the mighty juniper berry. The botanicals are vacuum-distilled separately, then blended to create a well-balanced flavour profile.

Sairen Spiced Rum

The Sairen range of spiced rums offers up a selection of flavour profiles, and does so with rum that's clear, meaning these ought to be very handy for cocktails - you can pick out the flavour profile you're after, and they won't change the colour of your drink! Sairen Spices shows off a balanced selection of ingredients, including tonka bean, vanilla, allspice, clove, and pink peppercorn.

Black & Gold 11yo Bourbon

Black & Gold is a particularly snazzy bourbon which has enjoyed 11 years of maturation, allowing it to develop a rewarding, complex and overall excellent flavour profile. It was aged in slowly-charred barrels, and it was that charring that helped to introduce brilliantly bold notes of brown sugar, decadent vanilla and rich cigar box. As the bottle says, "Fire made it good". The casks were hand-selected, and it's fairly clear why they were picked - this bourbon is spectacular indeed. The bottle also happens to be incredibly handsome too, which is always a bonus.

Our Best Seller

Inspired by the pure beauty of the eponymous mountain, Ben Lomond is a Scottish gin through and through! It boasts 11 botanicals, including locally hand-picked blackcurrants and rowan berries, alongside Szechuan pepper, rose petals and liquorice root. The gin is named for the 3,196 feet mountain that overlooks the Trossachs National Park in Loch Lomond, which you can spot on the label too. Garnish this one with fresh blackberries and you're good to go.